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“Ok Macron, loose granny”: the violent and gratuitous tackle in a German Netflix film against the French president and his wife

By Ilana Levy Editor Ilana is a journalist passionate about films and series, but also and above all astrology. She grew up with Disney Channel and is certainly the future wife of Nick Jonas. His secret passion: crime documentaries on Netflix. Netflix recently released a smash hit foreign film. A German romantic comedy with a somewhat banal scenario, but which is still third in the ranking of the most watched films on the platform. Far from here surprised French subscribers, not thanks to its history, but thanks to its tackle to Emmanuel Macron.

At the moment, foreign productions are doing real hits on Netflix. Between Entrevias, the Spanish series which intrigues subscribers and The Glory which shocks them with its story of revenge, foreign programs are popular. This time it's Far From Here, a film by a German director who created a surprise by placing third in the ranking of the most watched films on the platform. This romantic comedy can even surprise you and make you laugh. A character directly tackles Macron, our President of the Republic.

A hit romantic comedy

Far from herehas a fairly banal scenario. We follow Zeynep Altin, a woman who is going through a difficult period of her life. In addition to her difficult relationship with her husband and daughter, her mother has just passed away. She then makes the decision to drop everything, she leaves Munich to go to a small Croatian island on which her mother had bought a house in secret.

On the spot, she is only looking for a little peace. But that's without counting on Josip, the former owner of the house who still lives on the land. We let you guess that there, she will rediscover herself and perhaps even fall under the spell of a handsome Croatian. The movie so far is predictable, but you don't expect to hear this line.

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The tackle to Macron in the new Netflix film which is a hit

A tackle to Macron

French Netflix subscribers have not reacted much to the script of the film, it is a small replica that lasts two seconds which made them laugh a lot. Spoiler alert: In the middle of the film, Zeynep kisses another character, younger than her (even if the age difference doesn't seem crazy on screen). At the same time, another character arrives and says: “Ok Macron, coward grandma“.

A tackle on the age difference that has a lot makes the French laugh: “I saw a German film where the actors talk about Macron and the age difference. The image of France“, can we read on Twitter. Apparently, the fact that Macron is in a relationship with a woman much older than him makes our German neighbors laugh a lot. It's a rather surprising little tackle, especially for a Netflix production, but it's quite funny, we must admit.

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