Okhlobystin haunt free prostitutes, to blame the priest

Охлобыстину не дают покоя бесплатные проститутки, во всем виноват батюшка

Ivan Okhlobystin photo: RBC

today, 09:29

Russian actor Ivan Okhlobystin made with the support of Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, who recently disgraced when compared with civilian wives free prostitutes. The opinion he published in Instagram.

He left a comment on the page of the entrepreneur German Sterligov, who criticized Smirnov.

“Dmitry Smirnov pushes people to the Registrar. It is not Christian. For Christians, being married is not the Registrar. For Christians legitimate marriage is the blessing of their parents,” wrote the entrepreneur.

So, Okhlobystin in the comments of the post said that Smirnov is “honest, managed to change the lives of hundreds of people in the best way.” The actor added that the judge Smirnova can and is entitled only to one who “himself to the highest spiritual and moral standards”.

Охлобыстину не дают покоя бесплатные проститутки, во всем виноват батюшка

It is worth noting that the scandalous statement of Dmitry Smirnov of the civil wife is a “free prostitute”, has caused a storm of negative emotions in relation to the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church. It applied to the Investigative Committee and the interior Ministry. Did this lawyer Catherine Gordon, who asked the authorities to initiate proceedings under article 282.

“We women do not understand what marriage is. Don’t want to say “I’m a free prostitute”, so I say: I have a civil marriage. Hi! No, you just give free services, and no you are a woman not considered”, – said the head of the Patriarchal Commission for family Affairs, Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov.

Gordon called these statements are blasphemous and demanded explanations and the initiation of the inspection.

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We will remind, the party was threatened Zelensky.

As reported Know. ua, Okhlobystin urged to fight monsters and called Russia a hell.

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