Okhlobystin urged to fight monsters called Russia the hell

Охлобыстин призвал бороться с уродами и назвал Россию адом

today, 22:12

Odious Russian actor and former Russian Orthodox priest Ivan Okhlobystin commented on the tendency of celebrities to call the common people “cattle”.

Okhlobystin told how, in his opinion, the “stars” of the Russian spill came from the tendency of disrespect to treat distich people. The actor wrote on the Russian social network “Vkontakte”.

Once in the Russian segment of social networks swept the scandals associated with local stars of all calibers and kinds, which are called ordinary Russians not only as “cattle”, that is, in fact, the very people they owe their celebrity, it became clear that this is not an isolated Freudian slip — this is the trend.

The party blamed the trend of themselves as Russians, noting that they are “elevated to the rank of” crazy.

“We worship random people without merit, talents, principles and at least some hint of intelligence. Our children copy cheap night, admiring how well formed they are, in the absence of data and the effort spent. Gigolos, jerks and perverts arguing with the television screens about politics and culture, along with respected experts, this zeroing their credibility. Escortis teach mothers life. The peak of all this can be considered the story of 19-year-old idiot who sold her virginity through the Internet.”

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“Lasko welcome to hell!”, – described all this Okhlobystin.

However, he forgot, as he readily argued that Russia urgently need to capture Odessa, as was going to join the ranks of terrorists “DNR” to kill Ukrainians, as called for nuclear war with the United States, staged tantrums through the Ukrainian Tomos, and the Ukrainians themselves were called “dirty creatures” and expressed willingness to push their “alive in the stove”.

And the “icing on the cake” in an angry post of the Russian clown Okhlobystin was that he remembered his own resentment that he caused the LGBT community.

The fact that Twitter has blocked its millionth account through the complaint of the LGBT community and from his wife’s Instagram deleted the post in which she criticized the value of emancipation.

“What prevents us to do the same? They do not need to criticize the broadcast channels and the material of glossy magazines. About them does not need to remember just to forget. Forever. The ability to influence large audience have the right to only people who by their intellect, talents and hard work have earned this honor,” said the Russian nadasladany of Ohlobystin obviously referring to himself.

We will remind, the party harshly insulted Ukrainians

As reported by the portal Know.ia Okhlobystin called for nuclear war with America

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote ohlobystin threw a tantrum through the Ukrainian Tomos

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