Oklahoma: children found dead embarrés in a vehicle

Oklahoma: des enfants retrouvés morts embarrés dans un véhicule

Two children under the age of 5 years were found dead in the truck of their father, after having been embarrés for five hours.

Dustin Lee Dennis, his father, aged 31, has been arrested and is accused of second-degree murder.

The man of Tulsa in Oklahoma told the police will be carried in the car with her children Saturday afternoon. On their return home, Dennis says falling asleep for several hours, according to information from the New York Post.

The accused has subsequently said that he was not able to find its children to wake her up. He was eventually spotted lying at the bottom of his truck.

Dispatched to the scene, the paramedics were unable to resuscitate the two children, according to the report of intervention.

In addition, the police have confirmed that a neighbor had in his possession a video that showed Dustin Lee Dennis in the process of locking the doors of the truck before it heads to the interior of the house, reports the Post.

The father of a family is detained in the county jail of Tulsa, where his bail was set at one million dollars.

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