Oksana Mukha told about the relationship with Dan Balan and the plans for the apartment in Kiev

Оксана Муха рассказала об отношениях с Даном Баланом и планах на картиру в Киеве

Oksana Mukha and Dan Bilan

The winner of the 14th edition of the vocal show “voice of the country-9” became the vocalist from Lviv Oksana Mukha. To win, she came under the guidance of coach Dan Balan.

Oksana, which he called “the reincarnation of Kvitka Cisyk” and , after a celebratory finale gave Frank eteru Yu, in which he told about some plans for the future.

About how she made the team Dan Balan, about their joint plans, and where she is going to live, Oksana Mukha said in an interview “KP”.

Oksana, in particular, said that immediately decided who to go to the team.

“I went not knowing who will be in the seats. Already for a day or two we found out who the trainers. I was on the blind auditions on the fourth day, there were only 4 places, and when the turn came to me, could only get to This or Potap. I sat and thought just want to sing and nothing more. The idea was: “Can I just sing and go home.” And when he stood on the stage, was a very broad, warm corridor, if you can explain. I can’t see long distances and can’t appreciate people’s expressions, I can feel the energy, it and guided. And God did everything right” – admitted Oksana.

The winner of the contest also told that Dan Balan is very much for it was sick. And when asked if he wanted her to change, Dan said, “why? It is something that I really like that catchy”.

Oksana Mukha and told about the nearest joint plans with the coach. According to her, they Dan Balan in the near future I want to record a duet of the song “Need”, which was written by Dan, and they sang together in the finale.

To the question, Dan gave this song to Oksana and she can sing, the singer said:

“I think it can not exist separately without him or without me. She created for us. I can’t sing it alone, it sounds only with him.”

Shared Oksana Mukha and plans for the Kiev apartment, which she gave to the project.

“I hope now I will spend more time in Kiev, this apartment will be my home in the capital. But to drop everything and move just because there’s a flat, not ready yet. All the time. My son goes to school, I want to be with him. And the city in which I live fills me, I love lions. Wherever I went, wherever I traveled, every time when I return home to the city, I just breathe I have a feeling some freedom, joy. It gives me Lviv, the city where my friends and family. There must be a reason why I want to be in Kiev, and not because I have an apartment. Because we love the city for the people in them,” – said the singer.

Recall that Oksana Mukha at the contest “Voice of country” quail hit of the legendary singer Kvitka Cisyk.

As reported Znaia in the super final of “the Voice” won ward Dan Balan — Oksana Mukha.

Also Znayu wrote, network the victory of Oksana Flies, which is called the revival of the legendary Kvitka tsisyk perceived ambiguously.


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