Oleg Panuta: “Ukrainian films finally take off so much that only manage to watch!”

News anchor “Today. The results” will announce the winners of the national film awards Gold Jia 2019

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Олег Панюта: "Украинских фильмов наконец снимают столько, что только успевай смотреть!"

Oleg Panuta

On Friday, April 19, in Kiev will be held the third ceremony of awarding the National film award “Gold Jia”, which was a welcome event for moviegoers. To announce the winners will be Oleg Panuta, news anchor “Today. The results of the” opening to channel “Ukraine” every Sunday at 19.00. On the eve of Ukrainian “Oscar”, we talked to Oleg about his honorable mission at the festival, film and favorite movies.

– Oleg, tell me, nervous before the ceremony?

– Of course, but the experience of the live broadcasts made me stronger! News “Gold JIU” I’ll be with a colleague at the television workshop with Daria Tregubova. Besides, for several years I ceremonies of opening and closing of the Odessa international film festival.

– And what other film festivals do you follow that visit?

In student years was the “prologue”, to which I went willingly. Visited the “Youth”. Now this is one of the biggest film events not only in Ukraine, but throughout Eastern Europe. It is a pity, that now I do not have time to visit it constantly. “Oscar” thanks to the TV channel “Ukraine”, I’m tracking live.

Олег Панюта: "Украинских фильмов наконец снимают столько, что только успевай смотреть!"

Oleg Panuta Photo: press-service

– Which movies do you prefer? What guided the selection of the tape?

– After the “Oscar” revised main ribbon winners. I pay attention to the story, the actors. Something unusual that attracts attention. When I came out biopic about the singer Dalida “Love and passion. Delilah” I love to come. It was very interesting to watch the Director’s interpretation of the story. But even more – to listen to melodies and songs, which at the time was a part of my life. I followed the feelings and sensations. Similar story was with the movie “Mamma Mia! 2”. The song is what sucked me in, although the film itself is, frankly, quite simple.

Often go to the cinema? Judging by the publications in the press, you with my daughter like going to the cartoons.

– Here I already have to! In my childhood adaptations for film were very few. Remember the movie “Maria, Mirabela”. There is a very good combination of shooting: close cartoon characters interact with real people. From the point of view of a child, it was very interesting. So I was left with the feeling that a viewing of the film in the cinema – it’s an event that should definitely get. For daughter Ania is also a kind of celebration, because the cartoons we started to show her later in 7-8 years. But now, with the variety of product, I would not advised to children. Annie always asks me: “Daddy, did you like the movie?”. And I honestly respond that you can watch, but if I got a pleasure – it’s a great question. Because before adults were removed interesting cartoons for children. And now adults are removed them for adults, so they brought in a movie the entire family. This is a business.

Олег Панюта: "Украинских фильмов наконец снимают столько, что только успевай смотреть!"

Oleg Panuta Photo: press-service

– If you were asked to join the shooting process, the film that you have filmed: documentary, Comedy or perhaps voiced cartoon hero?

– Experience in the voice I already have. Recently my voice spoke as a news anchor in one of the foreign films. In the Comedy certainly not starred! Because they do not have such comedic talent as, say, my friend Yuri Gorbunov. I would like something close in spirit. For the documentary! That’s very true genre, lets talk about the most difficult problems, to show life as it is, to talk to the audience in his language. Now a very hot topic of orphanhood. It hurts me personally. In Ukraine, a lot of children are left without the basic things, not to mention parental love and care. To add to the discussion and solution of this situation as many people as possible – that is the task facing the audience. I am sure that it is not so difficult to reach out to the audience and their humanity. After all, we, Ukrainians, are very sincere and sympathetic. I’m happy to work on this film!

– What are the topics covered in our film, can become a global trend?

Ukrainian honesty, openness, sincerity – this is something we should be proud of and something we can brag to the world. They need to show. As the need to demonstrate our authenticity and unique traditions. Let’s just without this obsessive exaggerated “sharovarschiny.” At the time, the world is already fond of Ukrainian cinema. Remember Alexander Dovzhenko. It’s genius! His “Earth” in the list of the best movies of all time. Although he filmed the tape almost ninety years ago. Now the Ukrainian cinema is reviving. It would be very desirable that the number of new films deteriorated in quality.

– What achievements of the modern Ukrainian cinema? What for you personally was the opening?

– We are now seeing the progress of Russian cinema. The state’s attitude to the film industry has changed for the better: adjust the legislation to the Ukrainian cinema provide benefits, increase funding. Every month, the screens comes a new film – it’s a real boom! I think the main thing is not to stop. With practice will come skill. And the audience is the hryvnia will support talented Directors. Personally, I watched the movie “dick box”. It was interesting to see how embodied on the screen the novel by Sergei Zhadan “vorochilovgrad”. By the way, this movie is one of the favorites of the “Golden JII”. He, like the movie “Brahma”, the twelve categories. In the near future I plan to see the movie “Gareth Jones” about a foreign reporter who for the first time in the Western press said about the Ukrainian Holodomor. Looking forward to the release of “Zahar Berkut” on the novel by Ivan Franko. Very cool that Ukrainian films finally take off how many that only have time to watch!

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