Oleg Sentsov commented on the series “Chernobyl” from HBO

The Director called the main “discrepancy” mini-series

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Олег Сенцов прокомментировал сериал "Чернобыть" от НВО

Oleg Sentsov

Former political prisoner Oleg Sentsov watched the mini-series “Chernobyl” from HBO, the United States recognized as the best mini-series of the year. According to the Director, in the latest episode of the show is some kind of discrepancy.

About the new route to Chernobyl video:

On his page on Facebook Oleg Sentsov published a post in which he said that finally watch the mini-series “Chernobyl”. Film Director compared with the author’s cinema, and noted that despite some shortcomings, “Chernobyl” is unchecked truthfully and accurately.

“It affects the confidence not only in artistic and historical reconstruction of the Soviet way of life, and way of thinking and actions. Even the faces of the actors all of the time. Second, what pleases you is the manner of shooting is more characteristic of the author’s cinema, which is supposedly few looks. It turns out that you look and you realize, many people around the world. The shortcomings and inaccuracies of course, but it’s the little things that do not interfere with the main point – the impact on you of this film, which was shot by truthfully and thoroughly,” wrote Sentsov.

He added that in the last episode mini-series, there is one thing that is a “mismatch”.

“And even though the main inconsistency for me: the court scene in the last episode, more like American, not Soviet justice, a movie I really liked it”, – summed up Oleg Sentsov.

We will remind that earlier Oleg Sentsov called the Ukrainian film, which he was impressed.

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