Oleg Vinnik – 46: answers to the most popular google queries

Famous Ukrainian singer celebrates his birthday

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Олегу Виннику - 46: ответы на самые популярные google-запросы

Oleg Vinnik

Today, July 31, his 46th birthday of popular singer Oleg Vinnik. In his artistic career, the artist became the favorite among the Ukrainian fans, and his songs have a Charter of hitparade. Special popularity, the singer received after the release of the song “Nino” and “Volchitsa”.

Fans of Oleg Vinnik offer to buy asphalt, on which stood the singer:

In honor of the birthday of Oleg Vinnik Today.Lifestyle have put together the most popular google queries about it.

Oleg Vinnik – family

Oleg is not particularly advertise his personal life and information about his parents. But recently the singer admitted that many years ago, my father tragically died, and did not get to the concert of his son. Anatoly was a heart problem.

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Mother Anna lived until 2018, the year and died before the recital winnik. The woman before death had time to ask son, that under no circumstances has canceled the performance. In General, the family of the artist was not public and the parents did not give any interviews to journalists.

Олегу Виннику - 46: ответы на самые популярные google-запросы

As for his personal life, it is also little known. According to rumors, the heart of Oleg Vinnik busy and he has many years married to his 44-year-old singer Taisiya Swatko. According to unconfirmed reports, the couple have a teenage son joint.

Oleg Vinnik – growth

Among fans, the question remains about growth. It is worth noting that the popular artist he is average – 1.75 m.

Олегу Виннику - 46: ответы на самые популярные google-запросы

Oleg Vinnik

Oleg Vinnik – the concert

Upcoming performance in Kiev, Oleg is scheduled for September 7, 2019 at the NSC “Olympic”. However, it is not a solo concert, the singer will sing during the musical show with the participation of Ukrainian stars.

Oleg Vinnik – clips

In 2011, the year after returning home from Germany, where he lived for a long time, the singer decided to go solo. The first clip was shot for the song “Nino”, which brought the artist popularity.

Oleg Vinnik – “Nino” (25 million hits)

Oleg Vinnik – “Volchitsa” (22 million views)

Oleg Vinnik – “Hello bride” (29,7 million views)

Oleg Vinnik – “Maya the Bee” (1.8 million views)

Oleg Vinnik – “how to live without you” (18 million views)

Recall that prior to this Oleg Vinnik commented on the political ambitions of their colleagues. Earlier we wrote that the fan group Oleg winnick made the singer a Grand gift.

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