Oleg Vinnik admitted for whom to vote in the presidential election

The singer also considers the unfair treatment of artists performing in the Crimea

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Олег Винник признался, за кого голосовал на президентских выборах

Oleg Vinnik

Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik recently got into a scandal – the actor took part in a flashmob for peace Day, however, his videos, without the knowledge of most winnik was used in the Russian campaign #the VSEMMIRE.

Also find out what Oleg Vinnik protects from prying eyes:

As a result, the singer’s barrage of criticism. Moreover, Oleg Vinnik were in the database of the site “Peacemaker”. October 1, the contractor decided to dot the “I” during a press conference with representatives of the television. The question of whose Crimea, Oleg winnick said: “Crimea is mine.” But the singer wonders why the citizens of Ukraine can travel to relax on the Peninsula, while the artists, speaking in the Crimea, are considered traitors.

“Laws run by people who invent them, and we need to respect the law and to live by the law, I really want this. As far as I know today, our fellow citizens have the right to go to the Crimea and to rest there. But, again, I, who started 11 or 12 year “Anniversary” to serve in the Crimea, I can now as an artist to go to the Crimea and of our compatriots to do the concert? All say “Crimea is ours”, but by going back to the Ukrainian artist and advocate for our people, then who will it be? A traitor? Why are we there to swim have the right to be not have?” – the singer is perplexed.

Олег Винник признался, за кого голосовал на президентских выборах

Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik

Oleg Vinnik also noted that he wants to end the war, and also admitted that the elections have voted for Vladimir Zelensky.

“I voted for a new President, current today, with the belief that he will restore peace in the country. Because people believe that at least one person will come to the position of President and will ensure peace. I voted for peace, and I believe that the world will be. I wish it happened under this President. Because, I think, five years of war is too many,” said winnick.

Recall that the Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik took part in the action #the VSEMMIRE organized by the Russian group “the WORLD 519”. The project took place under the slogan “make a decision and tell others.” We will note that Oleg Vinnik is the only participant among the representatives of the Ukrainian show-business, therefore, addressed to the singer was showered with negative comments of users on the network.

The project was attended by many Russian pop stars, among which Valeria, the journalist Vladimir Pozner, producer Igor Krutoy and others. Most of the participants of the project at the time, supported the annexation of Crimea, as well as the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding Ukraine.

Earlier we wrote that Oleg winnick explained the civic stand.

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