Oleg Vinnik commented on the political ambitions of their colleagues

Singer believes that the important role played by the goals pursued by future politicians

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Олег Винник прокомментировал политические амбиции своих коллег

Oleg Vinnik

Popular Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik has already stated that he did not intend to go into politics, unlike many star colleagues. Recently, however, the actor still made the decision to support the parliamentary elections one of the parties. His decision Oleg winnick argued that he was not indifferent to the current life of people in rural areas.

Watch the video that someone from the Ukrainian stars were going to go into politics:

Who of the Ukrainian stars of show business gathered in the Parliament

“Why people are leaving the Ukrainian villages abroad? They want to make money. If our villagers were working, had decent wages, no one would have never thought to leave their native land, their native home. It comes from hopelessness. People live in the village beyond,” said Oleg.

In addition, the singer commented on the decision of some representatives of the Ukrainian show-business to go into politics. According to winnick, the main thing that people really wanted to change the country for the better.

Олег Винник прокомментировал политические амбиции своих коллег

Oleg Vinnik

“I do not give estimates, answer for himself, I have things to do. But in fact, we see many artists now go to Parliament. In principle, I don’t care what industry people go into politics, matter what it is!”, – said the musician.

Earlier we wrote that on July 10 Oleg Vinnik, Tina Karol, Sergey Babkin and many other artists will perform a free concert of “Ukraine” TV channel – “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”. TV version the audience will see August 24 – Independence Day of Ukraine.

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