Oleg Vinnik gave a concert in Kiev. Video

Олег Винник выступил с концертом в Киеве. Видео

Winnick gathered a huge audience.

This fall from a top Ukrainian artists were planned big solo concerts in Kyiv sports Palace. 26 Oct throwed album “Queen of the night” Olya Polyakova, a little earlier was “explosive” concert of The Hardkiss, and now it was the turn to collect 10-thousand audience, the crowd favorite, the phenomenon of the Ukrainian scene Oleg Vinnik. The artist decided to please fans of double show – 7 and 9 November.

Show “did You know” was the result of months of work of the artist and his team.

“It was an extraordinary experience. 10 thousand people in the audience is my audience and I know that they didn’t come here for scenery and not for show. But first and foremost in order to through the songs to get a bit of love and give it in return,” – said winnick.

Specially for the concert on the site of the Palace of sports has established a unique meter the scene with the rotating logo OV, multi-level takedowns, dynamic design, and moving screens in the form of a huge cube with a total area of 2 thousand square meters.

Performer amazed the audience with a vivid light show and special effects, which were installed 120 tons of scenery, lighting devices 800.

The idea of the Director of the show Sergey Nickleby capital concerts of Oleg Vinnik diversified theatrical and dance performances. Each song was accompanied by a exclusive visual on the screens displaying separate story. In the center of the action, of course, was the artist who, even on large sites able to interact with his audience.

The network posted hundreds of photos, videos and rave reviews about the concert of Oleg Vinnik.

“Power,” “Bombyces”, “That was incredible”, “Best of show”, “never ceases to amaze the artist”, “Pride idol”, “It was something magical: show program in combination with a great stage and songs by Oleg Vinnik is words can not convey, they need to be! Oleg, thank You and Your team for is an amazing concert and the atmosphere of joy and happiness that prevailed yesterday in the Kiev Palace of sports! – wrote in the comments of the fans of the singer.

Aerialists added a special charm to the speech of Oleg Vinnik. Not without balloons that rained down on the heads of the audience. The singer performed at the concert of their popular hits that the audience sang along.

Note that tomorrow, November 9, Oleg Vinnik repeat their Grand performance to Kiev.

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