Oleg Vinnik introduced dramatic track “Close on earth”

The singer presented the song to the Day of State flag and Independence Day of Ukraine

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Олег Винник представил драматический трек "Сльози на землі"

Oleg Vinnik

On the Day of State flag and Independence Day of Ukraine, the Ukrainian singer Oleg winnick, who recently said that thinking about the occasion, presented a new dramatic track.

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“Listen to the words of this song. I wish very much that she led to the restoration of peace in our country”, – said the artist, presenting her new song “Close on earth”.

Harmonious combination of text and music, ethnic motifs, and powerful defeat and poignant rendition of the catchy “for a living”, reflecting the cry of the soul of everyone who suffered losses. It is worth noting that for the first time the song of Oleg Vinnik performed during the filming of the live show of the TV channel “Ukraine”, dedicated to the Independence Day of the country. Fans quickly reacted to the premiere, sharing reviews on social networks.

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“Very timely, we expect the composition. Only you know how to open our hearts with song, words, melody”; “I’ve been waiting for and it is up to You! Thank you! Very much!”; “The most powerful song have ever heard in modern concerts”; “No tears to listen to, could not, pain, awe, sorrow, a cry from the heart. Creeps up on the skin”; “Listened to the song with bated breath, afraid to move. Tears in eyes, formication. Words, music, performance sneaks through and through,” wrote they.

Live song “Close on earth” can be heard on August 24 at the stadium “arena Lviv” in the framework of a solo concert by Oleg Vinnik, which will be a continuation of all-Ukrainian tour “Roksolana”. On the same evening, the new track will feature in the TV show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”. The festive air will show TV channel “Ukraine” at 20:00.

We will remind, behind the scenes holiday show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”, which TV channel “Ukraine” will show on 24 August at 20:00, Oleg Vinnik said that thinking about the attention his fans.

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Олег Винник представил драматический трек "Сльози на землі"

Олег Винник представил драматический трек "Сльози на землі"

Олег Винник представил драматический трек "Сльози на землі"


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