Oleg Vinnik revealed the secret of good physical shape

The artist pays special attention to the food

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Олег Винник раскрыл секрет отличной физической формы

Oleg Vinnik

Singer Oleg winnick, who recently gave a recital in his native village, has many millions of fans and collects stadiums in Ukraine. To stay in excellent physical shape, a star eats right and plays sports. In “Sravi way” on the channel “Ukraine Oleg Vinnik shared secret, which allows him to stay fit for a long time.

“There are no miracles. We just need to understand what and how much to eat. This is very important. I never thought about it, and I know that 99% of people do not think. Even if you eat in the morning, black bread with butter, that’s fine. Oil, by the way – it’s not so bad. It’s even good. But if bedtime eat white bread or pasta, for example, it is deposited in “buns” – says Oleg Vinnik.

Олег Винник раскрыл секрет отличной физической формы

Oleg Vinnik

The actor said that the last time eats everything gradually, but absolutely not gaining weight.

“I keep 80 lbs. is Usually to stick, you need to play sports. Accustomed to the sport – and it’s all muscle, no fat”, says the artist.

Previously, Oleg Vinnik spoke, it belongs to the subring colleagues.

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