Oleg Vinnik showed real “Roksolana”

Олег Винник показал настоящую «Роксолану»

Ukrainian artist made a gift to his fans

Oleg Vinnik is the initial and previously unknown version of the track “Roksolana”.

“This song was born in 2005. I’ve been experimenting on its arrangement. Bringing people to hear the Remix and not the original version. All the time. And today I present the song “Cupid” as she was born. The idea, which originated over ten years ago, only now got the implementation. I confess, I do not like to remake his songs. But apparently it was meant that now I fully feel all the pain of this song and showed it to the people as she originally planned. It’s important to me. The song has a very deep meaning,” said the artist.

How did you learn the Scotch, the drama has already filmed a clip that will appear soon on Youtube and the music channels. The plot of the new video artist has been kept secret. But according to winnick, the clip will bear social character, narrating the history devushek-Roxolani about their life abroad.

In addition, pop-rock song “Cupid” will be the title in the new stadium tour of Oleg Vinnik, which kicks off in may 2019.

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