Oleg Vinnik told how to treat their fans

Singer believes that the dialogue of the artist with the fans needs to be a face

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Олег Винник рассказал, как относится к своим поклонницам

Singer Oleg Vinnik

Behind the scenes holiday show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”, which TV channel “Ukraine” will show on 24 August at 20:00, Oleg Vinnik said that thinking about the attention his fans.

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The popular singer, the favorite of women Oleg Vinnik is a real surge of feelings in his fans. Every time they try to touch or hug his idol, and the very brave even trying to give the actor kisses.

About his attitude to manifestations of fan love Oleg Vinnik has told in interview to journalists of TV channel “Ukraine”:

“I will answer you so: I want neither to alienate nor to be encouraged. I’m always honest: I understand that they want me to hug you and to kiss… But still needs to be some kind of edge, and now I’m rather talking about security. Near me there is always a guard that ensures that all was quiet. Sometimes girls are so actively trying for me to get that can fall and get bruised… So I’m trying to be quiet,” said the singer backstage holiday show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”.

Олег Винник рассказал, как относится к своим поклонницам

Oleg Vinnik admitted, how to treat fans

Recall that in the large-scale show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!” ignite Tina Karol, Oleg Vinnik, Max Barsky, Sergey Babkin, Alyosha, ALEKSEEV, Michelle Andrade, TAYANNA, TARABAROVA, JERRY HEIL, as well as a group “Time and Glass”, MOZGI, KAZKA, DZIDZIO, “NEANGELI”, “БЕZ you like”, KADNAY, Freedom-jazz, LETAY.

Directed large-scale show of the TV channel “Ukraine” was Elena Kolyadenko and leading – Alexander skichko. The television version of the show the audience of the TV channel “Ukraine” will see 24 August at 20:00 in the framework of festive air, devoted to the Independence Day of Ukraine.

We will remind, Oleg Vinnik spoke, it refers to the Day of independence of Ukraine.

Celebrate Independence Day with the news “Today”:

  • 22 August – see the special “Ukrainian Day” on the daily lives of Ukrainians throughout the world;
  • 23 August – watch out for the Ukrainian expedition and a record of Ukraine to the Day of state flag;
  • August 24 – celebrate Independence Day and join the awarding extraordinary Heroes “Today.”

News “Today” unite the whole country!

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Олег Винник рассказал, как относится к своим поклонницам

Олег Винник рассказал, как относится к своим поклонницам

Олег Винник рассказал, как относится к своим поклонницам


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