Oleg winnick accused of plagiarism (video)

Олега Винника обвинили в плагиате (видео)

Most popular Ukrainian singer, the favorite of the women accused of plagiarism. TSN compared the hit of Oleg Vinnik “Nino” with the megahit ‘ 80s Touch by Touch of the legendary Austrian band JOY. The journalist showed foreign musicians the song “Nino”, in which the loss is really similar to foreign.

However, the reaction of the musicians JOY was very friendly.

— Though he wrote? I like his version more! But our first song was a hit everywhere, — said the musician Andy Schweitzer, who wrote “Touch by Touch”. — In Austria there is a saying: better to steal from smart than to write badly. Hello to him!

However, the musicians have promised to give both songs expert advice and then decide what to do next and is there any reason to sue. To assess the similarity of the two songs of TSN suggested the famous Ukrainian experts.

The first two notes are really similar. This element arrangement is called “groove” — the realm of all music. I don’t see plagiarism. Today it is fashionable to go back to the old sounds, — said the composer Ruslan Kvinta.

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Oleg Vinnik is now concerts in Belarus. Its producer Alexander Gorbenko very rigidly reacted to the story in social networks:

“#TSN today scrawled next dead duck. Lord, I would one day fired all marketers, editors, and… whoever you are. To produce “hot” news on the day of England’s game against Croatia is a rod, with the group “joy” — the second rod. Rotten to exploit the idea with such enthusiasm can only people incompetent, or someone motivated. I hope the amount of the fee to Vysocanska your fingers)

But the unauthorized recording of telephone conversations, use and dissemination of personal information, photos and videos, you don’t belong, heap slander and dirt… all this will have to answer. Before God you do not write, because many times convinced that it’s not about you. Waiting for new news, and you expect a well prepared and strongly motivated lawyers. See you in court! — wrote Alexander Gorbenko in Facebook and added that “in the introduction to “Nino” deliberately used a “vintage sound” to create the atmosphere of a disco 80-x: “Did someone might think that we made that among the listeners there is not one who grew up on disco hits of the 80s“.

Recall that this is not the first to “expose” the TSN story about Oleg Vinnik. where they showed how the lives of his mother (she recently died after a stroke) and sister, trying to find the first love singer. Then winnick threatened to sue for the disclosure of personal information, but in the end reconciled with the channel.

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