Oleg winnick and Alexander Ponomarev will fight for the title of best singer of the country (photo)

Олег Винник и Александр Пономарев поборются за звание лучшего певца страны (фото)

The award “Golden Firebird” again called the names of the best Ukrainian artists. The ceremony will take place on 19 may in the “Palace Ukraine”. The iconic statue will fight 60 popular solo artists and bands in 12 categories.

For the title of best singer of the country will fight Oleg winnick and Alexander Ponomarev, Arsen Mirzoyan, Dmitry Shurov and Andrey Kishe, and the best singer Zlata ognevich Irina Fedyshyn, Alyosha, TAYANNA, adriana.

On the eve of the ceremony Nikolay bagraev, the President of the company “Tavria games”, Chairman of the Supervisory Board “TAVR media” and co-founder of M1 and M2 TV channels, has opened the “FACTS” some secrets of the upcoming show.

— Why you decided to resume the award “Golden Firebird”?

— Initially we discussed the idea of creating a prize for Ukrainian music channel M2. Been thinking about names. And at some point I realized that the “Tavria games”, the award “Golden Firebird” is very close in spirit of the award, we wanted to create for M2. The key idea is the encouragement and promotion of Ukrainian artists and their work — has remained unchanged. Settled on the decision to revive the “Golden Firebird”.

Олег Винник и Александр Пономарев поборются за звание лучшего певца страны (фото)

*From left to right: producer of TV channel M2 the novel Fly, Nikolai bagraev, people’s artist of Ukraine Alexander Ponomarev

— How it will differ from the old?

— First prize got his mediaplace — channel M2. There are new nomination “New names”, “Indie”, “Balad”, “people’s hit”, “Dance hit”, updated statuette itself. Previous “Golden Firebird” was a prize in music and mass spectacle. In addition to music categories, was then awarded for best solo show, best music event of the year, best TV/radio show about music.

Right now we’re focusing purely on the music nominations. Very carefully approached the choice of the expert Council. It included experts, fame and whose authority in show business do not cause problems.

— What other innovations are entering? What are the principles selected nominees?

— The main innovation is the system of determining the winners. The list of nominees are based on ratings of players on the M2 channel, and then they are passed to the expert Council of 25 professionals, and they choose the best. Each examiner votes individually. Everything is very transparent. In the questionnaire all the experts you will see on the Internet after the ceremony on the website m2.tv.

Олег Винник и Александр Пономарев поборются за звание лучшего певца страны (фото)

— The ceremony is a show, what will it be?

— Bright technology, with interesting performances and costumes. The staging of the rooms does Elena Kolyadenko. All the process of the award will organize and coordinate teams of “Tavria games” and TV channels M1, M2.

— What are the main requirements for artists?

— You know, in the year of the revival of the “Golden Firebird” presents show program will consist exclusively of Ukrainian songs. By the way, the nomination also got work in the Ukrainian language. It can not but rejoice. I think we will prove that it is possible to make a bright colorful show fully on the Ukrainian material. Artists want everything planned out. How can there be requirements? And so they are interested to perform well. We live on M1 and M2.

— Will award an annual, will it change its format?

— Of course, we want to see the “Golden Firebird” every year! What is the meaning of rebirth? A change of format is possible in the future. Will analyze, monitor trends and draw conclusions.

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