Oleh Skrypka and Christina Solovey delighted fans total song: teaser touching clip

Олег Скрипка и Кристина Соловий порадовали фанатов общей песней: тизер трогательного клипа

today, 23:29

Famous Ukrainian singer Oleg Skripka recorded the song together with singer Christina Solovey. On a song called “Winter” has filmed a touching video.

In the network appeared the teaser video of the performers. Posted on Monday, January 13.

The clip was shot in one day in the Baroque style. The Director was Yuri Dion. He explained the idea of the video: “Often in love, people are afraid to take a step towards each other. It was then that their emotions, like puppets, are under the power of fear to be rejected or misunderstood. Through the heroes approach with caution. But sometimes you need to give vent to your feelings and release them from the “chains of ice”, – told Dion.

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Note that Oleh Skrypka and Christina Solovey decided to record a joint song spontaneously. It happened when Oleg heard on the radio the singer’s music. Enchanted by her voice, he invited Christine Solovi to work with him on the track. On the first take they recorded sensitive and lyrical composition full of mysterious mood inspired by the romantic chill of winter.

The presentation of the song and video will take place on January 24. On this day, fans will have the opportunity to see and hear a stellar tandem in a special place – Kyiv planetarium for an incredible show on the biggest dome of the country.

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