Olga Cybulski first showed son on TV: video

The singer admitted that he had long prepared for this event

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Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Olga Cybulski for the first time on Ukrainian television showed son. The curtain of his personal life, the actress agreed to open up the program “Sravi way”.

“I’ll finally show you his son Nestor. I was waiting for this moment for 4 years, and we are very much ready for it”, – confessed Olga Cybulski.

Note spring the singer posted a photo of four boys. Now “Sravi way” was the first to star mother let video boy.

Оля Цибульская впервые показала сына на телевидении: видео

Olga Cybulski husband

By the way, very funny exclusive about the adventures of Oli Cybulski, Arsen Mirzoyan and Tonya Matvienko, Alyosha, actors Natalia Berezhnaya and Glory Straw in the star class – watch the broadcast on 2 September! You will find a lot of secrets from the school of life celebrities: who was afraid to kiss, who once almost burned down the school, and who are all training suffer from bullying? The most interesting stuff you learn on Monday.

Earlier we wrote that Olga Cybulski showed appetizing forms in a silver bodysuit. And before that, the singer admitted, why hide your husband.

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