Olga Cybulski refused to sell a photo with her son and husband

The artist admitted that he is not going to replenish the wallet family

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Оля Цибульская отказалась продавать фото с сыном и супругом

Olga Cybulski

Popular Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Olga Cybulski, who performed on the stage of the concert “Spring music platform”, which will be shown at 23:00 on the channel “Ukraine” on Sunday, April 28, said that he refused the magazine in a photo shoot with his family.

According to the artist, who first revealed the person of the son of Nestor only recently, the family of love peace.

Оля Цибульская отказалась продавать фото с сыном и супругом

Olga Cybulski husband

“Well, actually I decided to take this step, when Nestor began to ask why it is not visible in the photo. When he realized that popularity is not when you know the Concierge and gives 1 candy, and this liability and responsibility from everyone,” Cybulski told reporters “Sarcofago high road behind the scenes of the Spring musical platform”.

The singer admitted that she and her family will appear on the cover of glossy magazines in the near future: “Yes, there were offers. But I said, for me the family is not a way of earnings. The family is not the way to Fund your wallet. So me and the husband buys new shoes. Therefore, neither the cover is not ready, because the family loves the silence,” she adds.

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