Olga Cybulski told about the relationship with her husband: going to the sex shop and the joint cover

Оля Цибульская рассказала об отношениях с мужем: походы в секс-шоп и совместная обложка

Olga Cybulski

Ukrainian singer and presenter Olga Cybulski for the first time decided to tell, why hide from the prying eyes of her husband. She told about it in “social life”.

The actress carefully hides the details of his personal life and never shows her husband. Including blocking his face for the photo sharing in social networks. She decided to confess why he protects her husband from the public.

“When people have been living in a marriage then they periodically come into the sex shop, to somehow diversify their sexual life. Perhaps when we become bored in the marriage, and we want to add a little bit of gossip, together with her husband appear on some cover,” says the star.

Cybulski also admitted why four years hiding from the fans the face of his son. She showed pictures of him recently in the social network. In her certification, Nestor was just not ready to be famous.

“That moment, as Nestor began to look at their photos in Instagram and ask “why can’t see me” or “why a photo from the back” I realized he was ready so I showed it to the public”, – the singer admits.

Оля Цибульская рассказала об отношениях с мужем: походы в секс-шоп и совместная обложка

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Olga Cybulski starred in a photo shoot with my son.

Olga Cybulski tries to keep his personal life under lock and key, so even after her marriage fans don’t know who was chosen. Son of Nestor, who was born in 2015, Cybulski also strongly concealed from the public. Olya, which is actively Instagram, never “burns” on a photo of her husband or child.

Recall Cybulski publicly withdrew [from themselves one question.

As reported Know. ua, Olga Cybulski first revealed her mysterious husband

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