Olga Freimut boasted achievements daughter

Ольга Фреймут похвасталась достижениями дочери

The presenter expressed his admiration for the talent of 12-year-old Zlata.

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter Olga freimuth spoke about the achievements of his 12-year-old daughter Zlata Mitchell. We are talking about showing new collections of clothes under Junior Fashion Week.

About Freimut told fans on his page on Instagram, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to 24tv.ua.

The presenter expressed his admiration for the talent of 12-year-old Zlata and added that she had not seen a collection of daughter to the exit of models on the catwalk.

Me backstage before the show daughter is not allowed. Collection I catwalk’t seen: all surprise wanted to keep it. I am proud of the daughter: an independent one that has never been and, I hope, will not be part of the herd,– said Olga.

To the show to support Zlata was her family: in addition to the star mother, attended Olga’s sister Julia freimuth, mother of TV presenter Alla Freimut, and others.

Olga freimuth added that it is impossible to change myself and to always fight for a place under the sun. In addition, reported that the money to create a collection daughter took with the sales of the previous one.

“Fashion and rapid circulation through it, let them know – you cannot change yourself. Dreams. Calling. Selfish need to Nestle under the sun. Climber you, or a geography teacher; a dancer, or an Aviator. To hear yourself is important. And preferably on time. Each dare? Proud to 12 the baby starts to understand the rules of life,” – said TV presenter.

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