Olga Freimut shared problems of life mothers of large families: “It is a challenge”

Ольга Фреймут поделилась проблемами из жизни многодетной мамы: "Это вызов"

Olga Freimut

The controversial TV presenter, a former “inspector” Olga Freimut not very often shares with fans the details of his personal life. But, anyway, Olga still from time to time puts new photos on his page in Instagram and Facebook. This time Freimut raised is important to all of the parents question the beautiful family photos.

“Take a picture to parents call. Really?” signed photograph of Freimut.

It is worth noting that in the picture she is depicted together with her husband Vladimir Lokotko, and in the legs they spinning kids, not allowing to make a beautiful photo. The couple is dressed in one color palette: white dress Olga, belted at the waist, it is advantageous in common with the white trousers and shirt of Vladimir, which makes them very similar to each other that said and members, writing that they’re like brother and sister.

Ольга Фреймут поделилась проблемами из жизни многодетной мамы: "Это вызов"

Olga Freimut

Fans of Olga is more admired photograph and write about their difficulties with children:
“Very beautiful, super”, “Beautiful couple,” “Still the challenge, we have an older daughter and twins girls 4 years – our photos are similar as all that ran and stopped moving for a moment”, “Exactly! Now in Italy for 2 weeks and not a single family photo, Immediately evident – a strong family! Because children are the fruit of your love, not the center of the universe, remain one of the strong ones primarily because that is the power of family”, “You are so similar! As brother and sister”, “it seems to Me, Olga, You look younger!”, “As like”, “And that the parents themselves were in the frame, then it is generally: floor of the mouth or floor of the eye”, “That’s who I would like to be called “Madam President” and won!”.

Ольга Фреймут поделилась проблемами из жизни многодетной мамы: "Это вызов"

But, there were those who protested this revelation Freimut:
“What’s the challenge? That you have a lot of nannies employed by the child and you have time for yourself or you have three children?”, “So take the baby!”, “Don’t be so silly”.

We will remind, Olga Freimut showed the first issue of the own show “Olga”, which was so much intrigued fans.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” Olga Freimut posted in your profile in Instagram photo, which seriously concerned her fans.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote Freimut was seriously scared his fans with a painful view photos from the concert of the singer Beyonce.


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