Olga freimuth told about the beginning of his career

Ольга Фреймут рассказала о начале своей карьеры

Haters brought her to tears.

The famous Olga Freimut, perhaps ponostalgirovat on the past and remembered how he began his career as a TV presenter. The star candidly admitted that when she easily lost emotional balance, and haters brought her to tears.

So, during the filming of the morning program “Rise” Olga Freimut survived difficult times. The presenter mentioned that he had not received a large salary, went to the office on the subway and making ends meet. In addition, Olga brought up her daughter Zlata, so extra money on expensive clothes is not enough. That is why the presenter at the start of their careers often become the object of ridicule.

“During the “Lift” I was easy to disrupt. Viewers wrote, for example: “Let’s collect money Freimut shoes”. I remember I was crying, didn’t want to go on the air, because he earned penny, lived in a residential area, went to work on the subway, she raised her daughter. I do not have the financial ability to buy a lot of clothes. And so – all the time led in their only shoes are beige colour, bought on the market”, – said Olga freymut.

But the participation in the popular project “the Auditor” helped the star become a bit “thick-skinned”. This program Olga Freimut struggled with boorish behavior and demonstrated stability in any matter.

“Inspector” has helped me to develop immunity against rudeness. When the heroes of our stories, say nasty things, I have included deliberate politeness, thus emphasizing the bad character of a person,– said Olga freymut.

To nostalgic article Olga Freimut added a photo, which was posing next to two colleagues – TV presenters Sergey Pritula and Alexander:.


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