Olga Sumskaya fascinated by the bright embroidery

Ольга Сумская очаровала снимком в яркой вышиванке

Olga Sumskaya has published several new photos to Instagram.Ukrainian actress Olga Sumskaya – a real darling of the audience. People’s artist actively engaged in his page in Instagram and never ceases to delight fans with his flowery appearance, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to clutch.ua

Despite the very Mature age, and Olga this year will already be 53 years old, the actress looks just magical, as she is not tired regularly remind fans. For many fans, Sumi – the embodiment of the present Ukrainian hostess.

For them, the actress appeared with her husband Vitaly Borisyuk, singer Vitaly Kozlovsky and sister Natalia Sumy. Star friends in Sumy with it the most visited culinary show Smak Sravi from the TV channel Kyiv. Olga appeared in the pictures a few embroidered shirts, different colors and different embroideries on them.

Fans reacted to the new publication of the artist: “What you are great! Olga – as always, beautiful embroidery you so!”, “You like Kozlovsky”, “Beauties girls. Olga, I admire you”, “I really like Natalia, so talented and at the same time so modest and intelligent”, “Very nice to see such a happy, fun and familiar faces, You two kindred halves of the mother’s heart. Always be support and comfort for each other, and be happy and healthy.”

Ольга Сумская очаровала снимком в яркой вышиванке

Ольга Сумская очаровала снимком в яркой вышиванке


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