Olga Sumskaya love network photo embroidery: classy lady

Ольга Сумская влюбила сеть фото в вышиванке: шикарная женщина

Olga Sumskaya

The famous Ukrainian actress, people’s artist of Ukraine Olga Sumskaya often pleases his fans with news of their lives. Actress confident user of Instagram and don’t forget to post photos from my life in the network. This time the star shared with followers a photo where she poses in elegant embroidery.

At pictures of people’s artist posing outdoors in some interesting place. Her elegant pink and turquoise embroidery original style and ornament with puffed sleeves capes and collar. Olga’s hair was braided into a sloppy braid and laid on his shoulder, her face a light makeup. Sumi with a slight smile looking at the camera. In the caption, the actress spoke about her love for embroidery.

“I love embroidery! Happy holidays, friends! Embroidery is a LUXURY! When to wear embroidered dress or shirt – my soul sings, always in a good mood, I want to smarten up, wear punished and feel real, such as once were our grandparents. By the way, my grandmother’s old shirts, towels, baby blankets and all sorts of treasures I have many, and embroidery different colors and styles. I’m a big connoisseur of shirts, because they suit me the most. It’s nice that we have lived to see the heyday of the fashion for all national must be coming back!

Every Ukrainian must be embroidered on all occasions and even at different times of the year. Winter wear borsevici with black and red summer light linen and silk. Appreciate more modern embroidered dresses from Ukrainian designers, that is, one of the favorite, as in the photo, from @yu_magdych, the colors of the Ukrainian Kerala. It is a luxury. Shirts be a real glamour for Ukrainian women. And there are two relatives who inherited from mothers, grandmothers, Bank them because dear to my heart!”, – wrote the actress.

We will remind, Olga Sumskaya lit up in the company of Vladimir Zelensky.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Olga Sumskaya showed himself a 20-year-old.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Sumi returned to the most famous.


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