Olga Sumskaya showed 18-year-old beautiful daughter, the very image of his star father

Ольга Сумская показала 18-летнюю красавицу-дочку, копия своего звездного отца

Olga Sumska, instagram.com/olgasumska/

today, 17:33

The famous Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska, pleased the fans in a new Instagram photo and video. The celebrity has shared a series of frames with the youngest daughter, Anna, which may 2 under the age of 18. So, 53-year-old actress anxiously congratulated the young beauty happy birthday by writing a lot of warm words. It is worth noting that Olga is a happy mother of two children – 29-year-old Antonia from her first marriage with actor Eugene Paperny 18-year-old Anna from the current husband, Vitaly Borisyuk, which Sumi lives have been happily married for over 23 years.

“Gannusya,Diuna,Anusc,our rdance Sonechko @annborisyuk ! ❤it’s amazing Axis I nastav tvy powella day!Loved you,you wrimo I baiao soustrot of Dobrich,rozumni people in it!Be happy,be smilow I apologive!🥰S 18-ltem!❤️🎉🎉🎉🎂💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋”, – touching signed photo luxurious sums. The followers joined in the congratulations, noting that the girl is very similar to his father: “Mclogo health Anus zdiysnennya usih Mriy!!!! And batkiv – z meninite!!!❤ it’s amazing”, “Papunya copy,hi bude happy❤ I🔥”, “On tatusya similar)))))🔥”, “Krasunja. Bility Vtli. Well I od Mami schos g)”, “Copy daddy”, “OLICHKA,my dad’s friend gave me a COPY!👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️PRINCESS!😍😍😍”.

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Ольга Сумская показала 18-летнюю красавицу-дочку, копия своего звездного отца

Ольга Сумская показала 18-летнюю красавицу-дочку, копия своего звездного отца

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