Olga Sumskaya spoke harshly about the language law: force those who are shy

Ольга Сумская жестко высказалась о языковом законе: принудительно тем, кто чурается

Olga Sumskaya

People’s artist of Ukraine Olga Sumskaya decided to show the Ukrainians in their attitude to the law on language. And chose for this rather original form. A relevant post appeared in Instagram singer.

The actress decided to write lines from a poem by Dmitry Belous, which concerns language.

“Forced those who are shy and who likes the easy to learn”, – quotes the actress.

Ольга Сумская жестко высказалась о языковом законе: принудительно тем, кто чурается

In the lines stating that you should cherish the Ukrainian language, as native language is the basis of life in her soul Shevchenko, Lesia Ukrainka and Ivan Franko.

However, not everyone shared the position of Olga Sumy and even decided to shame her, noting that in everyday life the actress says in Russian. The reaction of the actress was not long in coming, and she sharply responded to the attacks of the haters.

“Speak Russian and speak it, what’s the problem? The meaning of fasting is to countrymen to respect the state language,” Sumi concludes.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian actress and TV presenter Olga Sumskaya has always demonstrated how well she looks. Despite the fact that the woman was 52 years old and she is a grandmother once gave birth to her elder daughter Tonya, Ukrainian can afford to take pictures in the car on the way to work, which she is completely without makeup.

We will remind, Olga Sumskaya showed themselves without filters and makeup.

As reported Know. ua, a unique recipe of mouth-watering cheese cake from Olga Sumy.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Sumi showed looked like 38 years ago.


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