Olga Sumy and Kamaliya said, what do you think about Oleg Vinnik

Fan club of the artist two months preparing a play about the life of the artist

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July 31, Ukrainian conqueror of female hearts Oleg winnick have turned 46 years old. The journalists of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraina” found a secret place in which to get every true fan of Oleg and find out what famous actress said to the artist was a stunning success.

24 Aug popular singer Oleg winnick will perform their hits to the big show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”, which will show on the TV channel “Ukraine” at 20:00. Yesterday, all the “wolf” of Ukraine celebrated the birthday of the beloved singer.

“Every step we make, first of all, in order to bring him at least one moment of happiness”, – told Valery Baron, the organizer of the official fan group of Oleg Vinnik.

Ольга Сумская и Камалия рассказали, что думают об Олеге Виннике

Oleg Vinnik

But this time they carry him not one second, and the whole nine minutes of happiness. Fan club two months preparing a play about the life of artist Oleg grew up, he went to Germany, became a star – a real biographical epic. And embodied the idea of the shadow theatre of Chernigov.

It turns out that the hearts of the fans melt with the first notes – someone loved the work of the singer with the song “Happiness,” someone charmed “Volchitsa”. And no one can resist the charms of Oleg. Therefore the journalists of “the Wound W with Ukraine” decided to find out the secret of the artist.

“Such energy as he has, I haven’t met anybody! Seriously – this is such a positive charge, incredible light!” shared a fan of Oleg Vinnik, Ekaterina Anisimova, the TV channel “Ukraine”.

There are fans of Oleg and among the stars! Olga Sumy and Kamaliya met him long before the singer fell in love with the whole country.

“Scents per kilometer, charisma already rushing out of him. See, he knows how to charge this energy. I then said to him: “Oleg, you have a great future.” And so it happened!” – says Olga Sumy the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”.

Singer Kamaliya, too, could not resist and said, what, in her opinion, the secret of the popularity of Oleg Vinnik.

“He touched the strings of women’s souls, and this is important, because a lot of his fans, so many of the she-wolf,” – said Kamaliya.

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