Olivia : a season 2 is possible ? Laëtitia Milot answers

Olivia : une saison 2 est-elle possible ? Laëtitia Milot répond

Olivia : a season 2 is possible ? Laëtitia Milot answers

It is this Thursday, October 31, 2019 as the end of the season 1 Olivia on TF1 ! The last two episodes promise to be intense, but in the meantime find out, the viewers are wondering if the spin-off revenge with clear eyes can have a season 2 ? A sequel is possible ? Laëtitia Milot replied.

A season 2 for Olivia ?

After two seasons on TF1, The revenge to clear eyes has not been renewed for a season 3. On the other hand, it has inherited a spin-off titled Olivia : we find the character of Olivia Alessandri five years after the events of the original series. She opened her cabinet to Nice, where she works with her assistant, Clotilde (played by the Youtubeuse Lola Dubini, to defend the lost causes and the innocent. In parallel, the character of Laëtitia Milot is to face the threats of a mysterious admirer.

In any case, Olivia has changed a lot since The revenge with clear eyes : “She received a very nice lesson because revenge is not that good. It is noticed that there has been a lot of losses. It has helped her to refocus and to think of others, “said the actress, the More beautiful life-interview with PRBK. So, will continue to bring justice to people who need it in a possible season 2 ? A sequel is possible ? “We are already looking forward to see how the public reacts to the first season. Then, we’ll see. But why not“, confessed Laëtitia Milot at Allociné. Matter to follow therefore.

“It was a bit redundant”

During a meeting with the star d’Olivia, we had the opportunity to ask him why revenge with clear eyes, has had no season 3 : “The production, the chain and me, we loved this character. We didn’t go out on a season 3 of Revenge in the eyes clear because it was a bit redundant. I wanted to take the opportunity to pass messages with a series with actual facts“, we she explained.

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