Olivier Arteau unveils his very first season for the Trident

Olivier Arteau unveils his very first season for the Trident


In office since the end of summer 2022, Olivier Arteau unveiled his very first program as artistic director of Trident. A 2023-2024 season focused on variety in positions and forms.

Before sitting in the seat occupied for ten years by Anne-Marie Olivier, the actor, author, director and choreographer of 31 years had never built a program. Except when he was asked, when he applied, to design a fictional season. Several ideas put on the table have come to fruition and will be for the 2023-2024 season.

“It's almost half the lineup,” he noted Monday, during a interview in the foyer of the Octave-Crémazie hall of the Grand Théâtre de Québec.

Olivier Arteau has set himself the goal of building a program for everyone and as broad as possible. We find more feminist and committed theater (Firefighters and pyromaniacs), a satire on aging (Coup de vieux) and dance (Le mythe d' Orpheus).

From Greek mythology to today, through the 70s with Michel Tremblay and the 1800s with Pride and prejudice, by Jane Austen.

“I wanted a season that looked like me, in line with what Anne-Marie did as artistic director and with new and interdisciplinary forms,” he said.

Arrived on August 8, the artistic coordinator had two months to build his programming.

“It was dizzying. I can't wait to see the reaction of the public. It tickles me,” he said.

An adaptation of Hosanna, by Michel Tremblay, and his latest novel,The Scheherazade of the Poor< /em>, will launch the 53rd season of Trident on September 12.

Maxime Robin will sign the adaptation and the direction of this work entitled Hosanna or the Scheherazade of the poor.

“I wanted, with Hosanna, to address gender identity. We lacked context and the arrival of the new novel by Michel Tremblay brought it with the presence of the older character of Hosanna. Luc “Mado Lamotte” Provost will slip into the skin of old Hosanna. He was dizzy when we approached him and he was also overcome by great excitement,” said Olivier Arteau.


We will then find Firefighters and pyromaniacs (from November 7th to December 2nd), Getting old (from January 16th to February 10), Pride and Prejudice (March 5 to 30) and The Myth of Orpheus (April 23 to May 18).

Firefighters and arsonists, an adaptation of Martine Delvaux's essay, which addresses the climate crisis and women's relationship with fire, was part of Olivier Arteau's fictional season. An “undisciplined” work, with a charged feminist word, which is not theater or performance, but something, he specified, closer to the happening. Éléonore Delvaux-Beaudoin, for whom this book was written, is part of the cast.

The Myth of Orpheus, directed by choreographer Alain Lake and Frédérique Bradet , will focus on dance, with 13 performers, including dancer Harold Rhéaume.

“It will be more symbolic theater and theatrical codes more of the order of sensation than something cognitive and intellectual”, described the artistic director.

Michelin, an off-season production, from April 9 to 17, will be presented at the STUDIOTELUS of the Grand Théâtre, which can accommodate 94 people.

The Trident is offering a brand new pricing of $30 for those 30 and under for its 2023-2024 season. This represents a saving of $26 versus a regular ticket.

Detailed programming and tickets are on sale at letrident.com.