Olya Polyakova about the simulation: “I have never been let down”

The singer surprised the audience with an unusual confession

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Оля Полякова об имитировании: "Меня еще никогда это не подводило"

Olya Polyakova

Singer and expert super show “Divalign people” on the channel “Ukraine” Olya Polyakova surprised the audience a bold confession. In the broadcast of the TV show Queen of the night talked about… playing.

One of the participants of the show was Vyacheslav Marico, which is able to mimic different sounds. The project experts had to guess what phenomena voiced by a guy using a voice apparatus. Olya Polyakova decided to try to do it, however, leading Alexander skichko do not miss the moment to “pin” it.

“Olya, it is enough to simulate, though. It does not add to your advantages. When a woman mimics is not a plus,” – joked the singer leading super show “Divalign people” Alexander skichko.

Оля Полякова об имитировании: "Меня еще никогда это не подводило"

Experts and host of the show “Divalign people”

“Why is that? I still never disappoint!” – cut Olya Polyakova, which caused laughter from the celebrity experts and the audience.

Recall continues the nationwide SMS-vote for the winner of the super show. To see the finalists of the project and the rules of voting on the website of the channel “Ukraine”. The name of the winner, the audience gave the highest number of votes, will announce the host of the project Oleksandr skychko live the most anticipated events of spring – Grand finale super show “Divalign people” on April 27. The winner will receive a cash prize of 200 000 USD and the title of the Superbrain.

Earlier we wrote about who were the finalists of super show “Divalign people.”

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