Olya Polyakova again completely naked: pictures in the shower

The singer repeated all their favorite photos taken in the Maldives

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Оля Полякова опять полностью обнажилась: фото под душем

Olya Polyakova

35-year-old Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova never ceases to amaze the audience. In October 2018, the actress literally shocked subscribers photo, which posed completely naked in the Maldives. The followers of the “Queen of the night” was delighted from the published photos, and Alexander Pedan even tried to parody the Polyakova.

Now Olya Polyakova decided to repeat the famous scenes, only this time in Egypt. According to the singer, it provoked netizens, who wrote that she can’t take the same picture in the popular resort due to the large number of tourists.

“On some website I read that Polyakova will not be able to repeat his legendary photos from the Maldives to Egypt, because a lot of people! Ah, it is not necessary to provoke me!”, – wrote the singer.

Оля Полякова опять полностью обнажилась: фото под душем

Olya Polyakova fully naked

Most of the subscribers Olya Polyakova, including star colleagues: Nadya Dorofeeva, Anna Sedokova, Philip, left compliments for the singer. However, many felt that female sexuality is not like a photo, “Woman sexier and looks seducing when a man something nepredstavlyaet yourself by looking at a simple photo, not naked, exposed to all about them, and wiped his feet”.

Anyway, the figure Olya Polyakova – an example for many women.

Earlier we wrote that Olga Polyakova “accused” of plagiarism Katy Perry. In addition, Polyakov recently admitted that her and her husband relationship has changed.

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