Olya Polyakova in bikini, latex and even naked – the hottest pictures of the Queen of the Night

Оля Полякова в бикини, латексе и даже голышом, - самые горячие фото Королевы Ночи

Olya Polyakova, instagram.com/polyakovamusic/

today, 15:23

Popular Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova, who is also known as Superblondinka, actively engaged in your Instagram profile. A celebrity loves to flaunt the chic shape, which is working hard under the guidance of a personal trainer at the rehearsals of concerts. So, the artist motivates millions of Ukrainians to become better, and also gives recipes for healthy food that you prepare at home, when resting from the tour. The most daring shots the luxurious Queen of the Night – in this collection.

Olya Polyakova without hesitation shows figure in a mini-bikini on vacation in various parts of the world, because 41-year-old beauty can compete with any 20 year old girl. By the way, the growth of artist – 180 cm, so her legs are really “on the ears.”

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For performances, the singer choose at least hot outfits – sparkly bodysuit, stiletto high heels, laces and massive crowns of various shapes.

Not alien star beauty and hype for their candid shots. Polyakova has caused a storm of discussions with photos in the Maldives, where he posed completely Nude. Later Olga reiterated its “trick” and more crowded Egypt.

It is also worth noting that the actress is a happy wife and mother of two daughters, Maria and Alice. 14-year-old Masha are also hard keeping fit, working out in the gym at least 5 times a week, so it is not inferior to the beauty of the star mother, which is similar as two drops of water.

Earlier “Znayu” told that Olya Polyakova together with Lesia Nikityuk took part in the show designer Andre tan during Ukrainian fashion week.

Also a celebrity took a selfie with a very catchy concert makeup, but not all of it came to taste.

And the artist in Odessa showed a perfect figure in a white bathing suit and admitted that resting with a friend, but I think the girlfriend was ill prepared to fly and didn’t shave my legs.

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