Olya Polyakova received a star on the square of fame

Now the name of the Ukrainian pop diva will become a national landmark in the centre of Kiev

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Оля Полякова получила именную звезду на Площади славы

Olya Polyakova

April 25 on “star Square”, which is a symbol of the popularization of national culture, Ukrainian art and sports, has a new name. 19-I’m a star dedicated to the singer Olya Polyakova “for outstanding achievements, contributions and development of Ukrainian music.”

To congratulate the pop diva with the award came a Ukrainian designer Andre tan, a colleague at the judgment seat of the “League of Laughter” Yuri Tkach, actress and TV presenter Snezhana Egorova, artist and leader of the winning team of the League of Laughter “Stoianovca” Ivan Lubenov and eldest daughter Mary.

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“Polyakov for several years does not descend from Olympus the Ukrainian show-business, addressed the audience at the ceremony Andre tan. Her songs become hits and acting skills and sense of humor is highly appreciated by the audience of the “League of laughter”. Her ability to be bright and to laugh at yourself is an example for the entire musical elite of our country.”

Оля Полякова получила именную звезду на Площади славы

Olya Polyakova received a star Photo: press-service

She Polyakova believes the award is well-deserved.

“I’m certainly glad, but absolutely confident that it was deserved. Frankly, the work of an artist is very difficult. After all, the red carpet is the reverse side of the great work, when we normally sleep, do not eat, get in a serious journeys to his audience on rough roads… But the task of the artist is to brighten the lives of people. And if I get a few minutes of your life to change your mood or to decorate your world, so I do not live in vain”, – said the singer.

Watch the video how in Kiev was opened the name of the star Olya Polyakova:

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