Olympic and Paralympic Games: 500 free places to be seized by young Lozériens

Olympic and Paralympic Games: 500 free places to be seized by young Lozériens

Une occasion unique d'assister aux JO, offerte aux jeunes Lozériens. Midi Libre/ILLUSTRATION – FRANCOISE TALLIEU

L'opération est instaurée par le conseil départemental de la Lozère, qui prend en charge le déplacement et l'hébergement.

Young Lozerians will be able to benefit from places to attend the Olympic and Paralympic Games free of charge. 500 places were in fact acquired on behalf of the Department. Sophie Pantel, the president of the departmental council which established this operation, hopes that "the opportunity will be given to everyone to be actors in this great sports festival (…) ." 

"Our young Lozériens, in the vast majority, practice physical and sporting activities in local clubs, it’s an opportunity for them ", estimates François Robin, departmental advisor responsible for sport.

How to participate

The young people concerned in particular by this operation are: middle school students, young firefighters, young beneficiaries of child welfare (ASE) and those involved in clubs sportsmen. They must register on a form, via a digital platform. A draw will be carried out under the supervision of a bailiff, in the event that there are more registered than available places, to proceed with the distribution.

The tests concerned

The young beneficiaries of these tickets will be able to attend one of the events of the Olympic and Paralympic Games: football, Thursday July 25, at the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium, in Saint-Étienne; rugby sevens, Saturday July 27, at the Stade de France, in Saint-Denis; sailing (skiff), Wednesday July 31, at the Marina, in Marseille; para-swimming, Thursday August 29, at the Arena, in Paris la Défense; wheelchair tennis, Friday August 30, at Roland-Garros, in Paris; wheelchair basketball, Friday August 30, at the Aréna, in Paris Bercy, and para-athletics, Saturday August 31, at the Stade de France, in Saint-Denis. Participation is free. The Department will cover all costs for young beneficiaries of these tickets: transport, accommodation and catering. Only a picnic will be requested from families.

For any questions: missionjo2024@lozere.fr. 

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