Olympic Games Paris 2024. Kevin Mayer's fall at the Paris meeting: “He felt that it was broken in his left ischio”, his brother gives his news

Olympic Games Paris 2024. Kevin Mayer's fall at the Paris meeting: "He felt that it was broken in his left ischio", his brother gives his news

Kevin Mayer collapsed during his 110m hurdles. MAXPPP – STADION-ACTU

A tough blow before the Olympics: double Olympic decathlon vice-champion Kevin Mayer fell on Sunday July 7 in the 110m hurdles at the Paris meeting and collapsed in tears on the track, screaming, less than three weeks before the Olympics in the French capital.

The double world champion (2017 and 2022) and double Olympic vice-champion (2016 and 2021) fell after the eighth hurdle and collapsed flat on his stomach on the track. He did not get up immediately and held his head in his hands while screaming. Paramedics then helped him sit on a chair but he eventually got up.

“Kevin felt some discomfort during the 110. It was even more than discomfort because he felt that something had popped in his left hamstring”, his brother Thomas explained in the evening. "We don't know yet what's wrong with him, he's having an MRI tomorrow (Monday) at 9am, a few additional examinations and we will know a little more about the extent of the sore", he added.

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Leaving the track walking but holding his left thigh, Mayer was immediately taken care of by the medical service, his entourage told AFP. He then left the Charléty stadium around 4:30 p.m. limping, the same source said.

"Definitely a hard blow"

The decathlon world record holder (9,126 points) made the last minute decision to start the 110m hurdles at the Charléty stadium. Initially, he was only to participate in the weight competition reserved for decathletes. On the other hand, he had overlooked the length.

"It's been a long time since he did a 110 m hurdles at 100 %, the time would have been good", explained Thomas Mayer. "He allowed himself to go 100% and it didn’not hold."

"It’is bound to be a hard blow three weeks before the decathlon (Olympic) , but he went back to work, he returned to the hotel and he immediately did what was necessary to try to recover as quickly as possible", he added.

Mayer, pillar of French athletics and who dreams of Olympic gold at the age of 32, must participate in his fourth Olympic Games. He qualified at the last minute by achieving the minimum standards set in mid-June at the European Championships in Rome after several aborted attempts, from Brisbane to California.

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