Olympic Games Paris 2024. Kevin Mayer's injury: “There is perhaps one chance in a million, he has to hang on to it”, believes Romain Barras

Olympic Games Paris 2024. Kevin Mayer's injury: "There is perhaps one chance in a million, he has to hang on to it", believes Romain Barras

Romain Barras s’est exprimé sur la blessure de Kevin Mayer. MAXPPP

Directeur de la haute performance de la Fédération française d’athlétisme, Romain Barras a réagi à la blessure de Kevin Mayer en conservant un espoir de voir le Montpelliérain concourir aux JO de Paris 2024.

After falling during the 110 m hurdles during the Paris meeting at the Charléty stadium, Kevin Mayer suffers from ;rsquo;a significant lesion in the hamstring of the left leg. An injury compromising his participation in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

"Obviously, it’s a huge blow", regretted the director of high performance of the French Athletics Federation (FFA) Romain Barras during a press briefing held Tuesday afternoon near the Stade de France.

"We know that a muscular injury that happens at this time is something that seriously jeopardizes the chances of ;be successful at the Olympics, explained the ex-decathlete. Nevertheless, he did not give up. He will put everything in place to try to be present at the Games."

"He has to try"

"We have made enormous progress in the medical care surrounding the injury, he underlined. There may be a one chance in a million, but if it exists, this chance, he must hold on to it. He has to try, at least as long as he thinks it's possible."

"This is a terrible situation. Obviously, as long as he has this hope in mind, he will have ups and downs. There are days when he will think that it is possible, and other days when he will tell himself that it is not possible, but that is when that we must continue the care and try until the last moment, until August 2", continued Barras.

At 32, Mayer only qualified for his fourth Olympics down to the wire, in June at the European Championships in Rome, with dreams of Olympic gold in Paris. The Olympic decathlon is scheduled for August 2 and 3, on the first two days of the athletics events at the Stade de France.

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