OMFK 2019: announced all the films participating in competitive programs

Ukrainian and foreign films will compete for the FESTIVAL awards in four competition programs

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ОМФК 2019: объявлены все фильмы-участники конкурсных программ

“Queen of hearts”

10-th Odessa international film festival, which will visit the legendary actress Catherine Deneuve, has announced the films participating in competitive programs.

Watch the video about what happened behind the scenes of OIFF 2018:

Note that Ukrainian and foreign films will compete for the FESTIVAL awards in four competition programs – international competition, a Competition of European documentary films, the national competition. Full meter and national competition. Short meter.

Full program of the 10th international cinema festival in Odessa:

A national competition. Short film

  • Zabarvan, directed by Marina Stepanska
  • Child, Director Daria Turkish
  • Until it becomes black, Director Anastasia Falileeva
  • A Christmas story, directed by Valery Society and Philip Sotnichenko
  • In our synagogue, Director Ivan Orlenko
  • Solitude, directed by Elizabeth Smith
  • Int.Kitchen.Night, directed by Arkady Nepytalyuk
  • Adult, directed by Joan lake
  • The fact (cheers!) the changes, directed by Marina Nikolcheva
  • A girl, a boy and a secret, directed by Oksana Kazmina

A national competition. Full meter

  • U311 Cherkassy, Director Timur Yaschenko
  • Dad – my mother’s brother, Director Vadim Il’kov
  • My thoughts quiet, directed by Antonio Lukic
  • Panorama, directed by Yuri Shilov

The contest of European documentaries

  • The commander of Arian: the story of women and war and freedom, directed by Alba Socorro
  • Hello, artificial intelligence: love stories from the future, directed by ISA Willinger
  • Summer hockey Directors Rosalie Kohutova, Tomas Bojar
  • Because we men, directed by Petter Sommer, Yu Vemod Swensen
  • Transnistria, Director Anna Eborn
  • Sings Ivano-Frankivskteplocomunenergo, Director Nadia Parfan
  • The meeting with Jim, the Director of the ECE ger
  • For Sama, Directors waad al-Kateb, Edward watts

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International competition

  • And then we danced, directed by Levan akin
  • Home, directed by Nariman Aliyev
  • Monos, Director Alejandro Landes
  • Here was Sasha, Director Ernestas Jankauskas
  • Tel Aviv is in flames, directed by Sameh Zoabi
  • The man who bought the moon, directed by Paolo Zucca
  • Souvenir, directed by Joanna of Hogg
  • The way to an agreement, the Director Luo Hansen
  • The orphanage, the Director Shahbanu Sadat
  • The Queen of hearts, the Director May El-Tuhi
  • On a post!, Director Quentin of Duplo
  • The initials S. H., Directors Rania of Attie, Daniel Garcia

Note that the 10th FESTIVAL will be held 12-20 July, a strategic partner of the 10-th OIFF is the TV channel “Ukraine”.

Earlier, the Odessa film festival 2019 invited to become part of the principal summer film event in Ukraine and to join our friendly team of volunteers the FESTIVAL.

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