Omicron: a “considerable” fall to be expected after the peak

Omicron: a


New modeling from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) points to a “significant” drop in cases once the peak of the Omicron wave is reached, which could happen very soon in the Quebec and Ontario.

Dr. Theresa Tam, head of PHAC, finds it plausible that the contagion rate in these two provinces, which were the first to be hit hard whipped by the new variant, begins to stabilize.

This is also the opinion of Quebec public health, which Prime Minister François Legault relayed on Thursday.

The question that plagues public health is the expected duration of this plateau: since the number of new daily cases remains very high, hospitalizations will continue to increase as long as the balance sheets are heavy.

“With early signs that the surge in cases and hospitalizations may have peaked in parts of the United States and UK, it is hoped that the heaviest impact will soon be over in those countries,” said Dr Howard Njoo, Theresa Tam’s right-hand man.

“Similarly, if the trajectory of the Canada continues to follow a similar trajectory, we hope cases will peak soon,” he added.


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