Omicron risks: Air Canada accused of willful blindness by flight attendants

Risks of Omicron: Air Canada accused of willful blindness by flight attendants

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The Air Canada flight attendants union pleads with the Montreal carrier to end in-flight alcohol and cut meal services to reduce the risks posed by the Omicron wave.

“We find ourselves […] without clear leadership from the leadership of the company. A direction which, until New Year's Day, seemed to believe that the pandemic could be avoided and forgotten thanks to a smokescreen made up of fabric, products and endless promotions ”, we can read in a message from from the Executive of the Air Canada Component of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

Hundreds of reports

“The union must underline the deep disillusion and the sense of abandonment that its members express towards their employer,” the message continued. It seems that the concerns and pleas of the front line are fading away. “

Flight attendants claim to have” filed hundreds of reports “with Air Canada to prove to the company that on-board food and beverage service” is the number one cause of unmasking passengers ” .

Careless passengers

“Several customers have the impression that the pandemic is over or that it has abated, which is obviously not the case”, stressed yesterday the president of the union entity, Wesley Lesosky, during the a telephone interview with Le Journal .

The union is not asking Air Canada to completely stop on-board service as during the first wave of the pandemic, assured Mr. . Lesosky.

However, flight attendants recommend suspending alcohol service on all flights, including business class, water service on domestic flights and pre-landing service on transatlantic flights.

Other airlines, including Air Transat and Sunwing, have already reduced their level of service, says the union.

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