Omicron: suspension for 2 weeks of all passenger flights to Morocco

Omicron: suspension for 2 weeks of all passenger flights to Morocco

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RABAT, Morocco | Moroccan authorities decided on Sunday to suspend all direct passenger flights to Morocco for a period of two weeks from Monday at 11.59 p.m. & nbsp;

“This decision comes due to the rapid spread of the new variant of the COVID-19 virus, Omicron, particularly in Europe and Africa, and in order to preserve the gains made by Morocco in the fight against the pandemic and protect the health of citizens ”, explained, in a press release, the Interministerial Pandemic Monitoring Committee.

An assessment of the situation “will be undertaken regularly in order to adjust, if necessary, the necessary measures”, the statement added.

From Morocco, repatriation flights will be organized, on a case-by-case basis. , by the embassies of the countries concerned, in coordination with the Moroccan authorities, it was clarified from an official source. & nbsp;

This drastic measure was taken when Morocco – a country where tourism is a key economic sector – has already prohibited access to its territory to nationals of southern African countries after the detection of the Omicron variant, identified for the first time. in South Africa and potentially very contagious.

The Cherifian kingdom had previously decided to suspend regular flights to and from France, as well as sea links, due to the resurgence of the epidemic COVID-19, in Europe, from Sunday evening and “until further notice”. & nbsp;

France is by far Morocco's leading economic partner. Cultural and human ties are also close: more than 1.3 million Moroccans live in France and nearly 80,000 French people live in Morocco.

In Morocco, the epidemiological situation has improved and allowed the lifting at the beginning of November of a national night curfew in force for months.

The authorities introduced on October 21 a vaccination pass, compulsory for access to public spaces, and plan to immunize 80 % of the population of 37.70 million, a target that should be reached soon.

A total of 22.63 million Moroccans received a second dose of vaccine (and 1.64 million a third injection).


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