Omicron variant: several Quebec travelers worried

Omicron variant: several travelers who are worried

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The spread of the Omicron variant worries many Quebecers who had planned to travel during the holidays, notes the vice-president of the Association of travel agents of Quebec, Éric Boissonneault. & nbsp;

“We feel concern, we feel insecurity,” explained Mr. Boissonneault, explaining in an interview on the program “À votre affaires”, Monday evening, that he and his colleagues receive a lot of calls from clients.

The latter maintains, however, that, for the moment, very few clients have canceled their plans.

The vice-president of the Association des agents de voyage du Québec believes that Christian Dubé's press conference on Monday reassured many.

Nevertheless, Éric Boissonneault believes that cancellation insurance remains the best protection to prevent travelers from being surprise by possible restrictions.

“We can buy, for a small supplement, a” flex “option which allows you to cancel at any time, ”he explained.

This type of insurance, noted Mr. Boissonneault, is also very popular with his customers these days.

To see the full interview, watch the video above.

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