Omni Mount Washington Resort: immersed in history in the heart of the White Mountains

Omni Mount Washington Resort: Immersed in History in the Heart of the White Mountains


In New Hampshire, in the heart of the White Mountains, an elegant historic hotel continues to offer stays of relaxation, fresh air, and a dip in history. Overview of Omni Mount Washington Resort. 

“Did you know the name of the person who first turned on the lights you see at the opening ceremony?” Craig Clemmer asks me. I look at him questioningly. The manager of the prestigious hotel smiles, aware that his answer will have an effect. “Thomas Alva Edison”

A shiver runs through me

Stories like this, the Mount Washington Hotel, now under the Omni banner, abound . Opened in 1902, it was founded by Joseph Stickney, a man who made his fortune in the coal and railroad industries.

The hotel itself is an architectural feat for its time. Built by 250 Italian masons who gave the estate a Renaissance style, the hotel then had a bathroom with hot and cold water for each room, unprecedented architectural firebreak techniques, Tiffany glass windows, etc. 

The hotel was built by 250 Italian masons who gave the estate a Renaissance style.

It quickly became a hit with guests arriving by train, sometimes more than 50 trains daily, from Boston and Portland.

A year after it opened, Stickney died and left this magnificent red-roofed hotel to his young wife Carolyn. will spend all her summers there until her death. 

“Princess Carolyn's” bedroom with its carved oak bed.

You can also stay in her room and sleep in the carved oak bed that she brought back with her each time from the south of France.

Since its opening, the hotel has hosted many prestigious personalities, including three American presidents, but also the Bretton Woods conference.

Since its opening, the hotel has hosted three American presidents.

More than 700 delegates from 44 countries attended this crucial 1944 event aimed at regulating the international monetary system after the end of World War II. The creation of the World Bank is also one of the important reasons for the nomination of the hotel as a National Historic Landmark.


The site is full of activities such as snowshoeing, skiing and gondola.

A single night is enough for the charm to operate. The list of elements arousing curiosity is long: walls lined with period photographs, wide corridors to allow women dressed in hoop dresses to circulate well, post office, speakeasy that was used during prohibition, old grandfather clock , etc., each room relates a part of the history of the prestigious hotel. Even the new presidential wing is made up of 69 pretty rooms with decor combining modernity and period furniture. We eat very well and the site is full of activities: alpine, cross-country and Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, gondola, zip line, swimming pools, spa. ► 

Things to do around: 

  • The world's first cog railway climbs since 1869 atop Mount Washington. In winter, however, the train stops at 4000 feet. A great experience to admire the panorama of the White Mountains, but make sure to go on a clear day. ►
  • At the end of January until the beginning of March, an icy wonderland settles in North Woodstock. Caves, castles, sculptures and frozen tunnels and luminous paths attract young and old every year. Wonder yes, but a bit expensive. To save, book your tickets online. ►