OMR: zoom on the promising rapper who is climbing

On May 27, 2022, OMR, son of Michou and Inoxtag's manager, Babakam, released his first mixtape titled Feat Tape. A project with a new concept in France since the 16 titles are feats. We also find rap stars like Sofiane, Dinor rdt, Sam's or L'Algerino. Zoom on this young rapper with great potential who intends to blow up everything!

OMR is gradually establishing itself in the French rap game. The young rapper, son of Babakam, the manager and producer of the famous youtubers Michou and Inoxtag, started rap at an early age. “Since I was 5, I've been going to the studio. I'd see the artists going back and forth, I'd watch them, I soaked up their craftsmanship and one day I thought 'why not me? ?'” he explained in an interview with StreetPress.

The fact that some may think that OMR is boosted, the famous duo s 'cares. “People will gossip… They will say 'you have all that because your father is Babakam'. But if I leave him and he wastes his time doing anything, they'll say 'he's a bastard Babakam, he didn't even help you'”, so whatever he come people will jabber,” Babakam told StreetPress. “I find it good that we go up together, that he pulls me up” affirms, for his part, OMR.

A first mixtape with a new concept in France

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After posting several clips that hit YouTube like Chatelet, Buss it or Canada, the young rapper released his first mixtape, entitled “Feat Tape”, on May 27, 2022. For the occasion, Babakam and his son have reserved for us a new concept in France: 16 tracks, 16 feats.

There are 16 tracks, 16 feats. I am the first. It's a concept that we created with my father” admits OMR. Inside, we find French rap stars like Sam's, who we recently saw in season 2 of Validé, Sofiane or L 'Algérino.

I finished the studio at 7 a.m., he took me to school at 8 a.m.

The young rapper gave everything in this project and both in terms of flow and lyrics, it has nothing to envy to the most confirmed. “We worked hard! If I don't have my baccalaureate, it's because of that. But hey, I'll get it, huh!” laughs- he, before adding: “I finished the studio at 7 a.m., he took me to school at 8 a.m.“.

We hope for OMR that his proofs of the baccalaureate will be as successful as his songs… In any case, although his career has just begun, it is already all mapped out!