On an old picture found the Ghost of a soldier

На старом снимке отыскали призрак солдата

Pictures sold at auction.

On the old picture saw the Ghost of a soldier: tried to fulfill the promise, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to znaj.ua.

This photo sprashivai a small British town, was made in 1920-ies of the photographer Edward Hallsworth. In total, the archive this photographer turned out to be about 500 photos 1920 – 1930-ies, but apart from one shot, all others were without any mysticism. Pictures for many years was kept in the unnamed family, who recently posted the album up for auction for sale. Photos were taken somewhere in the southern British counties, and this picture captured a little girl, sitting not far from his home.

Edward himself in his journal mentioned that strange shadow on the building, he noticed immediately when printed images. As suggested by the photographer, the shadow is very similar to a British soldier during the First world war with a gun in his hand.

At first glance in the picture below, the shadow on the wall may seem only a shadow of the tree. Moreover, on the wall next door is the real shadow of the tree.

На старом снимке отыскали призрак солдата

However, if you closely, the shadow looks very humanoid and like a man in a hat and with a long object in his hand.

When the photographer showed the owners of this house – two young women, they were in shock. It turns out they learned of the soldier, they said it is Jock McKee, who was friends with them when his regiment was stationed nearby.

In 1915, McKee was sent to Gallipoli, where he was soon killed in battle.

На старом снимке отыскали призрак солдата

Hallsworth described in detail what the reaction was from women at the sight of this mysterious picture:

“She immediately flinched and her face appeared frightened expression, then sat down on a low stool, and covering the head apron, started to sway, as if in painful sorrow.At this point, in walked another lady and she also saw this picture, and then exclaimed, “my God, it’s Jock!”.

Then they told me that Jock McKee was a soldier stationed in the city regiment of Scotland, with whom the sisters are very bonded.

After he was sent to the Dardanelles and came to him to say goodbye before leaving, promising to return.

Some time later they heard that he was killed at Gallipoli, so seeing the photo, the sisters felt that the Ghost of Jock came to him, trying to keep his promise. Moreover, they even spotted next to him “shadow” from a little dog – pet Jock”.


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