On Avenue Jean-Jaurès, a native of Aigues-Vives launches a local business

On Avenue Jean-Jaurès, a native of Aigues-Vives launches a local business

L’équipe du Franprix avec Laura et Jérôme Pugin à droite. MLG

Après douze ans en région parisienne, Jérôme Pugin est revenu dans le Gard pour ouvrir un Franprix, ouvert 7 jours sur 7.

At 38, Jérôme Pugin starts a new life. Far from the Paris region where the man who was the youngest manager of a French hypermarket and the youngest manager of a convenience store, held Carrefour city for a long time. "We were working in Hauts-de-Seine, and then we got tired of the gray weather, says the native of Aigues with a smile -Vives and his wife Laura. We sold the two stores." Headed to Gard for a new adventure inaugurated on March 29 in Nîmes, very precisely on the’ avenue Jean-Jaurès where the independent manager launched a Franprix, on the ground floor of a large, completely renovated building, a stone's throw from the Pantel café. "This is a project we have been working on for a year. We wanted to work with a network on a human, family scale. There are only around thirty Franprix stores around the Mediterranean."
In addition to a regular policy of promotions, similar to those of hypermarkets, the new brand on avenue Jean-Jaurès, where 10,000 people circulate every week, is banking on original services: a machine to make squeezed orange juice, hot dishes cooked in the oven (pizzas, quiches, croque-monsieur) and in a rotisserie (chicken thighs and potatoes, certified and free-range roast chicken), a salad bar based on ultra-fresh products, a macaron cabinet, an iced mochi section, granitas, the possibility of eating on site and, the request was made to the town hall, the prospect of a terrace & hellip;

Local products: brandade, honey, wine, olives…

"We source our products from local producers. This is our responsibility as a local store manager. We have entered into a partnership with the Mouton family for the Nîmoise brandade, or with a wine producer from Aigues-Vives." Soon, on the shelves, honey from a Nîmes beekeeper, fruits and vegetables from a farmer from Bizac, near Calvisson, olives from an artisan from Gard & hellip; Without forgetting the unmissable Pac or the Vergèze strawberries.
Barely opened, the 287 square meter store, fully accessible to people with reduced mobility, has aroused the goodwill of neighboring merchants and the curiosity of local residents. "We have a golden clientele, including grand-grandpas. We are pleasantly surprised. The idea is to know all our customers, this is the basis of proximity."

A proximity cultivated by the team of six employees, seven days a week. In plans, the opening of a second store in Gard or Hérault.

Every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sundays and public holidays from 9 a.m.

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