On Board the ship! TOP 5 exciting movies about pirates

Today, fans of the zany captain Jack Sparrow can holler “Yoo-hoo.”

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На абордаж! ТОП-5 захватывающих фильмов про пиратов

A scene from the movie “pirates of the Caribbean”

September 19 marks the unofficial pirate celebration or international day of “Talk like a pirate”. Fans of adventure movies, crazy strong rum and captain Jack Sparrow can holler “Yoo-hoo.” on this day.

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However, this day can be noted by viewing your favorite movies about pirates. And though Disney intends to remake “Pirates of the Caribbean” without johnny Depp in our collection of pretty films about pirates and their adventures this movie is.

“Captain blood”, 1991

This adaptation of the adventure novel by Rafael Sabatini about the Irish doctor Peter blood, who in 1685 on false charges of treason were sentenced to ten years in prison, then escaped and became a pirate.

“Treasure island”, 1988

Animated film based on the novel by English writer R. L. Stevenson. A modern version of the old story about finding a pirate’s treasure flint.

“Treasure planet”, 2002

Also exciting cartoon where instead of pirates, cyborgs, instead of talking parrots – eyed pink slime. Stevensonii the story played out in space; the creators of “Aladdin” and “the little Mermaid” has created something extraordinary.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the black pearl”, 2003

Where the same without Jack Sparrow. In the first part of the Governor’s daughter, Elizabeth dreams of seas and ships since then, as a child saved from the sea the boy pirate. And now her dreams materialists: the city declared a legendary pirate captain Jack Sparrow. However, it would not hurt to review all of the “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

“Captain Phillips”, 2013

In the modern world pirates too deep and cause a lot of trouble. The Somali brigands have seized a cargo ship under the command of Richard Phillips. To save people, the captain begins negotiations with the invaders. It is not recommended to those who want adventure in the interiors of the XVII-XVIII centuries.

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