On Crave March 8: Trailer Reveal for “Disobey: Chantale Daigle’s Choice”

On Crave March 8th: «Dé sobéir: Chantale Daigle's choice»

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The story of Chantale Daigle, who in the summer of 1989 was the only woman in Canada who could not have an abortion, is told in the series “Disobeir: the Chantale Daigle's choice“, whose trailer has just been released. 

Produced by ALSO, Sophie Lorain's production company and her husband Alexis Durand-Brault, who is also the director, the six episodes will be launched on the Crave platform on March 8 on the occasion of International Women's Day.

The story, which relates to women's right to control their own bodies, is still relevant in North America and around the world. The authors Isabelle Pelletier and Daniel Thibault deliver the journey of Chantale Daigle, which unfolds “like a real race against time”, we promise. Barely an adult and with the help of many women, Chantale Daigle fought all the way to the highest court in the country to assert her rights. This is an original idea by documentary filmmaker Gaëlle D'Ynglemare.

Here is the synopsis unveiled by ALSO and Crave: “Disobeir: Chantale Daigle's choice” tells the story of Chantale Daigle (Éléonore Loiselle) who, at the age of 21, falls in love and then pregnant with Jean-Guy Tremblay (Antoine Pilon), a man who will turn out to be manipulative and aggressive. After a stormy relationship, she leaves him, chooses to have an abortion… but Jean-Guy, wounded in his pride and eager to maintain their relationship, appeals to justice to prevent it. Against all odds, a judge rules in favor of Jean-Guy, although termination of pregnancy had been decriminalized a year earlier. The case revives the debate on abortion nationally and internationally. Having become the center of a media and political cyclone, Chantale sees her life turned upside down forever. Will she find the strength to assume her choice to the end?».

Alex Bergeron, Luc Bourgeois, Rachel Graton, Patrick Hivon, Jean-François Pichette and Éric Robidoux complete the cast.< /p>