On Mars discovered the beginnings of volcanoes

На Марсе обнаружили зачатки вулканов

Scientists attempt to prove the existence of water on Mars have not yet been successful.

Their existence points found at the South pole of the planet’s ice lake.

This writes the Chronicle.info with reference to mir24.tv.

It could appear there only as a result of the relatively recent movements of magma under the planet’s surface. This tells geologists, who published an article in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

“If Mars life exists, then it must not exist on the surface in order that it not destroy the solar radiation and cosmic rays. Its refuge can be like water, if magmatic processes in the interior of Mars was more active in the past,” – said the scientists.

A new discovery again revived the debate about the possibility of the existence on Mars of liquid water.

The “360” with reference to the publication in Geophysical Research Letters said that under the polar ice of Mars is a hotbed of underground volcanism or large igneous camera. Its red-hot contents heats the sole of the ice caps and keeps the lake from freezing.

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